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Let IncePector Handyman Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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Inspector Handyman, Aurora Colorado, Best Remodeling in Denver areaWinter is coming, and IncePector Handyman is here to help. No, we’re not going to help you fight off a horde of undead warriors from Game of Thrones, but we can help you prepare your home and yard for the brutal winter season. Now is the right time to call the seasoned professionals at IncePector Handyman as the fall season is winding down. Plus, we’re currently offering a special $50 off of a 4 hour service call.

Winter is nothing to sneeze at in Colorado, and every homeowner knows the drill of winterizing their home before the big chill starts to set in. However, give yourself an early Christmas gift and have IncePector Handyman take care of all the necessary tasks to prepare your home for winter.

The first thing we can winterize is your home’s plumbing. We’ll drain all the water from your outdoor faucet and garden hoses, as well as blowing out any water in your in-ground sprinkler system. Garden hoses will be rolled up and safely stored away, and we’ll thoroughly check out your plumbing to identify any potential problems and correct them so you won’t have a pipe bursting at 3am when the weather drops below freezing. To protect your pipes, we can keep them from freezing by using insulation and heat tape.

As winter is the perfect time to enjoy a cozy fire, the fully licensed and insured technicians at IncePector Handyman will make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working fine and have fresh batteries. We’ll replace the filter on your furnace and vacuum the breaker. To help keep your home warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside, we can make sure that there are no leaks around the windows and doors. We’ll also ensure that there are no gaps around exterior plumbing fixtures. We have a caulk gun, and we’re not afraid to use it!

As nobody enjoys running out to their car and having to scrape off ice from the windshield during a cold morning, IncePector Handyman can help make sure you actually have room in your garage for your car. We’re very experienced at creating storage solutions that will de-clutter your workshop…storage room…garage in no time at all. From wall and ceiling-mounted racks to innovative shelving systems, we can make your garage usable again.

Finally, there are a slew of additional tasks that we can do on your behalf to get your home ready for winter. We can clean out your gutters, not to mention moving and storing your outdoor furniture (or covering them with tarps) to inside your home or to a shed. We can remove the screens from your windows and doors to keep them from icing up while also allowing more light (and heat) into your home. If you use swamp coolers, we can winterize them to make sure that they’re not damaged due to rusting or water being frozen by cleaning them, draining the water, covering the vent, changing the pads, and installing the cover.

Now is the perfect time to winterize your home before the thermometer starts to really fall, especially as we’re currently offering a special where you get $50 off of a 4 hour service call. Why go through the hassle and drudgery of getting your home ready for winter when you can just call the licensed pros at IncePector Handyman instead? We’ll handle all the work while you can relax and catch a football game instead. Winter is coming, and IncePector Handyman has your back. Of course, if you are worried about an invading horde of undead, we can build you a fence for that!