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Denver Area Replace Siding/Fascia/Soffit and Repair Wood Rot (Sorry, No Vinyl)

Gutters do a tremendous job of whisking water away from a home or business, but they can cause some issues when they become clogged. One notable issue that can occur is that the soffits and fascia can become water damaged due to a clogged gutter as they are the closest part of the roof’s structure to the gutters. They can also be damaged by nesting animals and insects. Replacing the soffits and fascia can be dangerous for the normal homeowner as it requires working at a height while on the roof or while using a ladder. For such problems, it’s best to call the fully licensed and insured professionals at IncePector Handyman to get the job done right the first time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dealing with hornet or wasp nests.

Water damage to the soffits and fascia can also lead to wood rot in the siding (if wooden) or other support structures. The craftsmen at IncePector Handyman are highly experienced with replacing rotted wood with fresh lumber in order to make your home or business safe and structurally sound. We will ensure that the repairs look seamless by sealing, caulking, and painting if necessary. Issues like wood rot and damaged soffits and fascia can lead to greater headaches down the line if not treated as soon as possible.

The siding on one’s home can be damaged over time as well through dents, mold, rust, mildew, water, rot, heat, and the cold. Again, such issues should be remedied as quickly as possible to ensure that the damage does not increase and affect a larger area. The highly skilled personnel at IncePector Handyman can fix and replace damaged siding from wood shingles to composite. We’re sorry, but we do not repair or replace vinyl or aluminum siding.

We provide replacement and repair of siding/fascia/soffit and wood rot services throughout the Denver area, including:
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