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Some Summer Projects That Are Perfect for a Handyman

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Summer is a season that can mean many different things. Young children look at summer as an escape from the prison of school for a few months. Families view the season as the time to take that long-awaited trip to Disney World or a tour of some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural parks. Summer is the season for going to the beach, lounging by the pool, and for general relaxing. However, summer can also mean work as many tasks need to be done, especially around the house and yard. Homeowners can feel overwhelmed during the summer as they have to mind the children as well as tackle seasonal projects. Fortunately, hiring the experienced handymen at IncePector Handyman can take a lot of that pressure away. Here are some summer projects that are perfect for us to tackle for you.

One of the areas that see a lot of action during summer is the deck or patio. Such spots are the perfect place for family and friends to gather, especially while grilling some food. Yet decks and patios can become weathered over time and require maintenance. The wood in a deck can become rotten or warped, not to mention the possibility of handrails becoming loose or support posts weakening. Before using the deck as the neighborhood party spot, it behooves the responsible homeowner to contact the licensed professionals of IncePector Handyman to fully check out the deck or patio and affect any needed repairs. Perhaps all a deck needs is some minor work to smooth out the wood and re-finish it, while a patio may only need some power washing or some minor repairs. Our main goal is always to get your deck or patio ready for the summer season and ensure that every party and gathering will be safe and fun.

Another summer project that is great for a handyman to do is to tackle a home’s ventilation. The season is known for days of glorious sunshine and less-than-glorious heat. Having a home’s screens cleaned will ensure proper airflow, helping the house to stay nice and cool. Perhaps you have long desired to install screen doors in order to take advantage of cooling, natural breezes. The idyllic summer season is the perfect time to hire a handyman to check that project off the list. A comprehensive check on attic fans and whole house fans can be undertaken as well, or such features can be installed if desired. Whole house fans and attic fans help cut down on air conditioning costs while maintaining a pleasant temperature within the home. Why suffer in a sweltering attic, figuring out how to install such ventilation, when you can call the licensed pros at IncePector Handyman to do the job for you?

A couple of summer projects that impact the exterior of a house are gutter cleaning and power washing. The warm climate of summer is the perfect time to get such troublesome chores out of the way. The experienced personnel at IncePector Handyman are old hands with such tasks. Cleaning gutters is necessary to ensure that excess rainwater continues to be safely moved away from your home, but it can be a hassle. Even worse, quite a few people injure themselves every year by falling off their ladder while attempting to remove debris from their gutters. We are often called to do this job for older homeowners who are now physically unable to perform the task.

Power washing is a task that, while can be done throughout the year, is often performed in the summer by the skilled technicians at IncePector Handyman. Your family will spend a great deal of time outside your home during the summer months, playing in a kiddie pool in the yard or having a barbecue on the back patio. Your family and guests will enjoy the clean and sparkling appearance of your deck, patio, driveway, and home after a thorough power wash. You can show off your pristine home while enjoying a neighborhood cookout or family gathering. Even better is that you didn’t have to do it yourself!

A perfect summer project for you to contact IncePector Handyman about is replacing outside faucets (also known as silcocks). Your outdoor faucets will see a ton of use during summer as the kids’ pool will need to be filled up or to set up a sprinkler for the children to run through. These outdoor faucets can take a lot of abuse, either from things banging into them or the harsh Denver winter. It’s always worthwhile to have our licensed professionals ascertain the condition of your outdoor faucet so as to nip in the bud any possible problems that may arise from a leaking pipe or joint. We’ll make sure that your outdoor spigots are ready for all the watery fun that the summer season requires.

The last summer project for a handyman on our list is painting and staining. Summer is the perfect time to paint or stain the interior and exterior of your home, including any decks, porches, garages, sheds, and patios. Summer allows the home to be fully opened up to take advantage of any breezes while any interior painting or staining is being done. The absolute best time for any such work is while the homeowner is off on a family vacation. We can keep them fully aware of the progress being achieved, and the family can return to a home that has been rejuvenated.

As you can see, there are a lot of summer projects that are perfect for a handyman to tackle. From fixing the deck to maintaining/upgrading the home’s ventilation, the fully licensed and insured professionals at IncePector Handyman can help make your summer something truly memorable. Why attempt such tiresome projects yourself? The summer is meant for relaxation, so call us to make sure your home is ready for everything summer has to offer.