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Why Hiring a Handyman Can Prevent Homeowner Injuries

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There are a lot of compelling reasons to hire a handyman for your home. Perhaps you don’t have the time to build that deck you’ve been dreaming of or repair the fence that your beloved dog keeps escaping through. It may be that the project you want completed, such as a full kitchen remodel, may be beyond your skills. These are some of the great reasons to hire the highly skilled professionals of IncePector Handyman, but one of the most important is safety. Hiring a handyman can actually help prevent homeowner injuries.

It’s an astonishing fact, but you’re more likely to suffer an injury at your home than at your work. The types of accidents that can happen at home can vary from falling off a ladder to getting electrocuted, and there are quite a few reasons for why this is so. One reason is that many individuals are choosing to tackle projects on their own, which is often promoted through cable TV shows and breezy commercials paid for by home improvement stores. In just a few seconds, you can quickly find a YouTube video that purports to show you the best way to build or repair something in your home. Far more often than not, such attempts can lead to an injury. However, hiring the fully licensed and insured technicians of IncePector Handyman can help prevent such accidents in several different ways.

The most obvious way that hiring a handyman can help prevent homeowner injuries is they’re doing the job for you. There are a lot of ways that a person can injure themselves while tackling a project and one of the most common is falling off a ladder. Climbing a ladder to clean the gutters, hang your outdoor Christmas lights, or replacing the batteries in that beeping fire alarm can be more dangerous than you think. A momentary distraction can lead to a serious injury or even death. Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries from falling off a ladder as well as approximately 300 deaths. What is really sobering is that most of these falls are from 10 feet or less. A homeowner that is older or has some disability is putting themselves at risk by attempting to climb a ladder to complete a project. The seasoned professionals at IncePector Handyman can take this risk off of you or your loved ones’ shoulders and do the necessary task for you.

Another reason why hiring a handyman can reduce homeowner injuries is experience and knowledge. TV commercials paint major home improvement projects as something easily banged out over the weekend, but the reality is usually far different. If you’re inexperienced with using power tools, chances are that you’re going to get hurt. The same is true for powerful chemicals like paints, solvents, cleaning agents, and more. Back in 2009, there were 83,204 emergency room visits for mishaps caused by power tools and 53,907 visits for chemical burns and breathing problems. Those numbers have only increased since then. A lot of home repairs require specialized knowledge, such as for electrical wiring for installing new light fixtures or doing a complete remodeling project. It should go without saying that messing around with electricity can be dangerous. Our seasoned technicians at IncePector Handyman have the knowledge and experience to do such jobs in a safe manner. The fact that our professionals are fully licensed and insured says that we have the ability to not only do the job, but to do the job in the safest way possible.

While the many different services offered by IncePector Handyman are useful for everybody, they are definitely a godsend to senior citizens. As we get older, we become unable to do the tasks that we were once able to do with ease in our youth. Failing eyesight, arthritis, and other ailments make tasks like changing light bulbs in a high ceiling fixture or assembling heavy furniture extremely hazardous to attempt. Hiring a handyman in such instances ensures that the needed job is done, such as fixing a leaky faucet, but it also guarantees the health of the aged homeowner. Plus, a senior citizen has worked hard their entire life, and they deserve being able to sit back and relax while someone else does the heavy lifting.

Speaking of our older friends and family members, a handyman can make their homes much safer for them to move around in. The number one cause of preventable deaths in the home for seniors is falling. There are 4,000 deaths a year for people aged 65 to 74 from falling in the home, and this number skyrockets to 8,000 a year for those between the ages of 75 to 84. The skilled technicians at IncePector Handyman can help seniors be safe within their home and to live with dignity. We can install handrails where needed as well as ramps. We can do regular checks on fire alarms as well as changing the filters for furnaces, humidifiers, purifiers, and the A/C. We can remodel the bathroom to be much more accommodating to the needs of seniors, such as installing grab bars and walk-in tubs.

In the end, there are quite a few reasons why hiring a handyman can help prevent homeowner injuries. Many projects are often beyond the skills of the average homeowner to do in a safe manner. Then there’s the question of why do something that can be potentially dangerous if you can hire the seasoned craftsmen at IncePector Handyman with the necessary expertise and knowledge to do it for you? Instead of taking the chance of falling off a ladder, injuring yourself with a power tool, or giving yourself a nasty shock from messing around with wiring, give the professionals at IncePector Handyman a call instead. Our services can help safeguard the health of your friends and family, and our work can help the senior members of your family to continue to live in their homes with dignity.