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How to Keep Your Spouse Happy by Hiring a Handyman

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Inspector Handyman, Handyman Services in Denver, COThere’s an old saying about marriage that a happy wife means a happy life. While tongue-in-cheek, the underlying sentiment is true, even though we would say that it behooves both spouses to ensure the happiness of each other. One area of strife that can arise is getting things done around the house. Husbands have long complained about the dreaded “honey do” list that they try to ignore in order to hit the greens or watch the big game. Of course, IncePector Handyman understands that the daily demands of normal life can push such tasks into the background, causing them to pile up and become an overwhelming burden. That’s when it’s time to call the licensed and insured professionals at IncePector Handyman to have them swing into action and clear that pesky “honey do” list in no time.

There are a lot of different ways that the skilled technicians at IncePector Handyman can help keep your household harmonious. One task that often can get under the skin of spouses is the presence of loose cabinet doors. You know how irritating it can be to have cabinet doors that do not open and close properly or are hanging loose due to a damaged hinge, and this irritation can increase as time passes without the doors being fixed. A quick call will spring us into action, doing the necessary repair work to straighten and fix any loose cabinet doors. We can even give them a makeover with a new coat of paint or stain as well as changing the knobs so as to spruce up the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

Another household maintenance item that is aggravating are leaky faucets. The constant drip, drip, drip of a faucet is sure to elevate the blood pressure if not remedied. Not only is water being wasted, but it also increases your water bill. Chances are that you promised your spouse that you would fix the problem soon, but that was likely several weeks ago. It’s time to call in the experienced pros at IncePector Handyman to finally put a stop to those leaky faucets. In addition to fixing any dripping faucets, we can also tackle other time-consuming kitchen/bathroom tasks like re-caulking and cleaning/replacing grout.

The garage is another place that IncePector Handyman can address in order to make your spouse happy. All too often, the garage changes from a place to park your car into a secondary storage room. It’s quite common for garages to become cluttered and disorganized as boxes, tools, and other items merge together into one giant mess that just seems to grow bigger with every season. We can transform a garage that looks like it should be in an episode of Hoarders into a neat and tidy parcel. Our skilled carpenters can create custom shelves, bookcases, racks, and cabinets to greatly increase your storage capacity and allow for maximum organization. Garages are the perfect place to put in some racks and hooks, which adds a surprising amount of storage space. Bicycles and tools can be placed on the wall of a garage instead of taking up floor or tabletop space. Who knows, you might even be able to park your car in the garage again! Our organization and storage solutions can be extended past the garage and into other parts of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom. We can show you the possibilities after just a simple phone call.

Assembling and placing furniture is often a catastrophe ready to explode. Few things can get spouses bickering like trying to follow some arcane instructions that seem to be written in some ancient, undecipherable language. We can stave off any squabbles and keep your relationship intact and happy by putting together such items and placing them for you. Our skilled technicians are old hands at assembling things like tables, futons, entertainment centers, decks, bookcases, desks, and more. With IncePector Handyman handling the assembly, you can rest assured that such items won’t come crashing down as we do the job right. If need be, we can reinforce heavy furniture to make sure that it can handle any and all demands that you place upon it. There is one caveat in that we do not assemble IKEA products due to their poor quality.

Perhaps you’ve put off giving a room the makeover that your spouse has long desired. Give them the room that they want by calling us today. We’ll handle everything from giving the room a new coat of paint to hanging up some new curtains and drapes. Those framed pictures or artwork that’s been sitting in a closet can now be hung on the wall, and we’ll make sure that they’re level and securely attached. One thing that can be difficult to do when updating a room is to hang electronics like flat screen TVs. They’re heavy and there’s the constant worry about if they’re going to come crashing down. We have years of experience of hanging heavy items on walls (especially those made of drywall), making sure that both the underlying wall isn’t damaged and that the item will stay securely up. Nothing feels worse than having an expensive flat screen TV come crashing down, but our fully licensed and ensured technicians will make sure that will not happen.

There are plenty of other things the seasoned professionals at IncePector Handyman can do to help keep your spouse smiling and happy. We can mend broken fences, change the light bulbs in those hard-to-reach fixtures, replace filters, install ceiling fans or other light fixtures, power wash the outside of your home and driveway, clean the gutters, and swap out batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. By giving us a call to handle these “honey do” items, you’ll ensure a happy home by having a happy spouse. Even better is that you can relax and let us handle what needs to be done.