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Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Denver Area Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Water Saving Fixtures, Timers, Programmable Thermostats, and Window Caulking)

Energy efficient home, upgrades, water saving, timers, Incepector Handyman, Denver, COA great many people have become increasingly concerned with energy efficiency for their homes or businesses over the last few years. Such concern is not only good for the planet by reducing energy consumption, but it is also good for the bottom line as utility bills are often lowered. The skilled professionals at IncePector Handyman can help make your home or business more energy efficient through a variety of ways. One method for making your home or business more energy efficient is through the use of water saving fixtures, such as the installation of new faucets, showerheads, washers, and toilets that use dramatically less water than older models. The act of just replacing a home’s showerheads with more efficient models can reduce water use from ten to sixteen percent.

Other ways that the fully licensed and insured craftsmen at IncePector Handyman can help increase your home’s energy efficiency include window caulking, timers, and programmable thermostats. Timers are quite handy for turning off lights and other items when they’re not being used. Window caulking seals off those pesky gaps that allow your air-conditioned air to escape during the summer and allow in freezing outside air during the winter. Caulking windows is a simple, but highly effective, means for making your home a lot for efficient in using energy. Programmable thermostats are tremendous for automatically altering the temperature of your home throughout the day and night as needed. There’s no need for your A/C or furnace to be running at maximum all day and night long. A programmable thermostat will automatically lower the furnace setting during the day when it’s not needed as much, just as it does for the A/C at night during summer. When you’re ready to reduce your utility bill by making your home more energy efficient, call the experienced pros at IncePector Handyman. We’ll get the job done right the first time, and we always work hard to meet, and exceed, your expectations.

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