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Doors & Windows installed by Incepector Handyman of Englewood, COTwo of the most focal points for one’s home or business are the doors and windows. Exterior doors provide security while interior doors provide a measure of privacy. Windows allow the radiance of sunlight to enter the home and provide a tableau of the outside world. As such, the skilled technicians of IncePector Handyman know that the maintenance and well-being of doors and windows are vitally important. Exterior doors and windows are exposed to the ravages of nature, and interior doors can take a beating through constant use (and not to mention abuse from squabbling siblings). Doors slammed in anger can go out of whack, not closing properly and scraping against the doorframe or floor. Taking doors off to repair any damage and then properly re-hanging them can be a difficult task for the average homeowner, but the experienced personnel at IncePector Handyman are old hands at such tasks.

Windows can be damaged over time as well, such as becoming cracked due to an impact or the surrounding frame becoming warped due to moisture. Such a situation could become dangerous if a window is unable to be opened in the case of emergency. The licensed and insured craftsmen at IncePector Handyman can repair or replace damaged windows and the surrounding window frame. Our technicians are highly skilled at weather stripping windows and doors, which is a necessity for the local climate here in Denver and the surrounding areas. We can identify problem areas where the outside weather is slipping in through the narrow crooks and crannies around doors and windows. Our weather stripping service ensures that your warm air stays indoor during the winter and that your cool air does the same in summer, thus saving our clients money on their monthly utility bill.

We provide doors and windows repair, installation, and weather stripping throughout the Denver area, including:
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